Sansinena and Villa Miter decide their future in a key meeting

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The end is near, adrenaline blossoms, tension increases and hearts begin to beat faster. This is football and this is this Federal A tournament, which has, at least in Zone 1, which is made up of the three representatives of the Southern League, 12 of the 16 teams within three dates for the end of the regular stage. fighting for something.

Sansinena and Villa Miter have been in the fight to enter among the 8 who will qualify for the playoffs, who will meet next Sunday from 4.30 at the Luis Molina stadium of General Daniel Cerri.

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The meeting will have four referees from our environment: the Bahian Bruno Bocca will be the main one, Lautaro Andreis and Emiliano Bustos the assistants and Pablo Leguizamón the fourth.

Counting this schedule, there are 9 points at stake, and Sansinena, ninth in the positions, is 3 behind eighth: Ferro de General Pico.

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The tricolor has it a little more complicated: it is located 4 units from the last qualifying position and practically carries the obligation to win everything that remains.

The same day, but half an hour before, that is to say at 16, Olimpo, who has four defeats in a row and that made him fall from second to fifth place, will receive the exalted Peñarol de San Juan, who has the same points as aurinegro.

César Ceballo from Cordoba will deliver justice in this match.

The rest of Zone 1

* Truckers-Círculo Deportivo de Nicanor Otamendi, Saturday at 15 (referee Alejo Cid, from Pergamino).

* Deportivo Madryn-Estudiantes de San Luis, Saturday at 3.30 pm (Gastón Monsón Bruzuela, from Río Tercero).

* Sol de Mayo-Independiente de Chivilcoy, Saturday at 3.30 pm (from Fernando Marcos).

* Hurricane LH-Cipolletti, Saturday at 4 pm (Franciso Acosta, from Santiago del Estero).

* Homeless-Ciudad Bolívar, Sunday at 4:45 p.m. (Luis Martínez, from San Rafael).

* Juventud Unida SL-Ferro de General Pico, Sunday at 5 pm (Joaquín Gil, from San Pedro).

Olympus sells tickets

Today and tomorrow, at the Sarmiento 52 headquarters, Olimpo continues with the sale of tickets for the momentous match on Sunday against Peñarol de Chimbas (San Juan).

The sales hours are between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. and the member can enter for free with the daily fee. The values: general, 800 pesos; retired, 400 and under (up to 11 years old), 200.

Plateas partner, 1000 pesos and non-member, 2000. The minor of 6 years pays lower popular price.

On Saturday and Sunday there will only be exchange of tickets for members and sale of non-members, and no social fees are charged.

Saturday, at the Carminatti box office, from 1pm to 6pm.

Sunday, from 9 to 12, at the box located on Avenida Colón and 9 de Julio.


1) Deportivo Madryn, 51 units


2) Independent CH, 44.

3) Sun of May, 44


4) Cipolletti, 44.

5) Olympus, 43.

6) Sportivo Peñarol, 43.

7) United Youth, 41.

8) Homeless, 37.

9) Sansinena, 37.

10) Ferro GP, 37.

11) Villa Miter, 36.

12) City of Bolívar, 35.

13) Hurricane LH, 29.

14) Truckers, 26.

15) Students SL, 15.

16) Sports Circle, 13.

They have one game less, which will be played on 10/25.


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