State Award: list with 27

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They present the candidates for the award; the election will be on Tuesday 19 in Valladolid

A long list of 27 athletes, including National Games medalists and competitors, and medal winners in official and invitation events in the international sky, appear in the final conglomerate of candidates for the 2021 State Sports Award.

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The registry was closed within the deadlines established in the call launched to the local associations. The election of the winners of the three categories involved, Best Athlete, Best Coach and Promotion, Promotion and Promotion of Sports Activities, will be held on Tuesday, October 19 in Valladolid, announced the IDEY High Performance management, through its department of Federated Sports.

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For this year, not all sports associations presented candidates for the Award, and there were cases, because the regulations allow it, in which up to two or three athletes of the same specialty were registered. And it should be noted that for the 2021 edition a controversy arose given that due to errors of the association involved and in the review of candidates, the athlete who finally won the main category, the chess player Luis Fernando Ibarra Chami (reached within the times established the Grand Master standard). His candidacy was presented on the day of the election.

The State Award, like the Yucatecan Sports Merit, always generates controversies in its election, and even from the very fulfillment of the call (each association is free to present its candidates, according to its own appreciations). For this recognition, the three categories in choice include conventional athletes and adapted categories.

For 2021, among the experts who follow the competitions, there are two to five strong candidates: Mauricio Canul Facundo, weightlifting (he came close to winning in 2020) and the open water swimmer Carlos Franco Cantón, as first options , and later the bodybuilder José Zaldívar Estrada and the rhythmic gymnast Adirem Tejeada Amaro, as well as the para-athletics runner Rodrigo Águila Lara.

Canul Facundo was a multiple medalist in the virtual and face-to-face U-20 Pan-American Championship (with two golds in Cali, winning his pass to the Youth Pan-American Games), and swept the Nacional de Primera Fuerza.

Franco Cantón completed the third gem of the Triple Crown of open water swimming in 2021, going from Catalina Island to the mainland in California (he had previously crossed the English Channel, in Europe, and swam around Manhattan).

Zaldívar Estrada won his category in the “Arnold Classic International” held in Seville, Spain, one of the highest level events in bodybuilding, and Adirem Tejeda was part of the Mexican team that was a few thousandths away from winning the ticket to the Games Tokyo Olympics in rhythmic gymnastics (Pan American Championship in Rio de Janeiro). Águila Lara won the National Paralympics (with a Mexican record) and the Grand Prix Desert Challenger in Arizona without a problem.

Those registered in the call for the Prize are the following:

Archery: Luis Lezama Soto. Judo: José Espinoza Godoy. Chess: Sion Galaviz Medina. Swimming: Mariana Ortega Gil (pool) and Carlos Franco Cantón (open water). Sports shooting: Ángel Pardenilla Uc and Román Valdez Alvarado. Gymnastics: Roberto Aguilar Briceño (trampoline) and Adirem Tejeda Amaro (rhythmic). Cycling: Roberto Serrano Powells. Karate: Ana Cuevas León and Rosemary Dulá Medina. Physicoconstructivism: José Zaldívar Estrada and Ricardo Valdivieso Cetina. Athletics: Leonel Mendoza Cutz (deaf), Rodrigo Águila Lara and Karla Esquivel Chac and José Flores Peniche de (paraathletics). Sailing: Cristóbal Hagerman Haro. Remo: Katherine Hernández Abúndez, Ángel Durán Dávila and Lucero Arjona Pérez. Fencing: Gerardo Rojas Solís. Weightlifting: Mauricio Canul Facundo. Roller skates: Carolina Cervera Solís. Rowing: José Díaz Lagunes and Diego Hernández Abúndez.

In the area of ​​Protection, promotion and promotion of sport: Freddy Llanes Novelo (judo), Andrés Chi Cob (indigenous and traditional games), Sergio Rodríguez Pérez (cycling), Míriam Tamara Campos Medina (roller skates), Association of Weights of Yucatán, Cecilia Dzul Cervantes, Miguel Aguilar Cárdenas and Irene Suárez Hernández (paraathletics), Elda Castillo Lizárraga, Mónica Ortega Rosado and María Eugenia Figueroa Chan (rhythmic gymnastics) and Alejandra Pulido Puerto (swimming).

As coaches, María Eugenia Hernández García (swimming), Ferdinando Leal Echartea (sport shooting), Antonino Galaviz Valdez (chess), Ernesto Lugo Sánchez (archery), Ángel Díaz Farfán (fencing) and Manuel Gui Sing Navarro (weights). – Gaspar Silveira Malaver

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