The Bahian flag flew high in the Argentine Powerlifting Championship

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Consecrating performance for athletes from Bahía Blanca and the region in the National Weightlifting Championship held last weekend in El Carril (Salta), supervised by the United Powerlifting Association of Argentina.

There was present a delegation of 12 weightlifters of our more, plus a representative of San Germán; all managing to hang a medal at the end of the competition, played under the Push Pull, Bench Press and Deadlift modalities.

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A total of 10 championships was obtained by our delegation, represented by the Personal Gym, Sport Gym and Oxido Gym, in addition to three runners-up, plus several national records in the different categories.

Although the contest was qualifying for the November World Cup in Las Vegas (United States), the sanitary restrictions due to the pandemic make it impossible for our athletes to participate in the maximum expression of the specialty.

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However, next month a regional tournament will be held in Bahía Blanca, as a season finale. It will take place at the Sport Gym facilities.

Next, the detail with the participation of each athlete.


– Diana Vallinoto: Argentine Push Pull champion and best female lifter by coefficient of the tournament.

—Soledad Uriz: Argentine champion of Push Pull Junior, with national record.

—Guillermo Amodeo: Champion Master 1 in Equipped Bench Press.

–Santiago Ardissono: Master 1 champion in Push Pull and best coefficient of the tournament.

—José Luis Berardi: Argentine champion Master 2 in Push Pull with national record.

– Gianfranco Occhionero: Runner-up in Push Pull Open up to 82.5 kg.

—Emanuel Murias (San Germán): runner-up in Push Pull Open up to 90 kg.

—Julio Morán: runner-up in Bench Press Open, up to 90 kg.

—Mariano Miravalles: Argentine Deadlift champion with a national record of 285 kg.

—Alejandro Lamperti: Argentine champion of Deadlift equipped Master 2 up to 90 kg with Argentine record.

—Cristian Matz: Argentine champion Push Pull Master 1 plus 140 kg with national record.

—Oscar González: Argentine champion of Bench Press Master 5 with national record.

—José María Rodríguez: Argentine champion of Bench Press equipped Master 6 with Argentine record.

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