The First Force Soccer League in Yucatán confirms its first date

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The State Football League of First Force is back, after 19 months without activity due to the pandemic and even with the attacks of Covid-19. However, aware of the security protocols, the organizers announce their first meeting this Saturday, October 16.

Primera Fuerza Yucatán: what are the equipment and protocols to follow

The circuits affiliated to the State Soccer Association (Afeyac) spoke in favor of go back to the fields, as long as it is in an orderly manner and within the guidelines that mark the health authorities.

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The first of the leagues that will come into operation is the Primera Fuerza, whose duels will start this Saturday. The twenty teams that the circuit has already had their private presentations. Three teams are from Mérida (Real Ermita, Halcones de SSP and Club Soccer) and the rest 17 from municipalities in the interior of the State.

“We came to this decision to start after receiving authorization and approval from the Ministry of Health. And then let the ball roll, but we must not lower our guard, neither players nor fans,” he said Manuel Martin Medina, president of the Afeyac.

Sheltered by state and municipal authorities and representatives of the Leagues, he indicated that there will be no mass inauguration in none of the tournaments, as is traditionally done.

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In the fields of Mérida for now there will be no access to the public in the stands and in the municipalities there will be capacity depending on each place. To the players They will be issued a certificate of vaccination against Covid and agreements are being reached to test players against the virus.

Tribute to former referee Ángel Núñez Cervera

In homage to Angel Nunez Cervera, former referee, coach and manager and one of the deceased victims of Covid, the First Force will bear his name.

They were at the event, offering their support to the leagues: Carlos Sáenz Castillo, director of the IDEY, and Jesús Aguilar y Aguilar, technical secretary of Sports of the Mérida City Council.

Also Andres Ojeda Espinoza, from First State Force League; Manuel Martin Cetina, State Intermediate; Antonio Puerto Magaña, representative of Veterans of the First Force; Luis Jorge Duarte, Female First Force; José Carlos Solís Cetz, Elite Municipal, and Walton Azarcoya Alcocer, State Sub-20.

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