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Storm Isha: UK weather maps turn blue and orange as rare ‘freezing rain’ hits Britain | Weather | News Pi News


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Britons should brace for unusual and severe weather as the bitter cold descends, new weather maps say.

Storm Isha has been officially named, with the Met Office predicting strong winds and heavy rain across much of the UK.

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Flashes of blue and orange appeared on the charts, highlighting the potential for additional ‘freezing rain’.

Maps show that snow-covered parts of the country could see short periods of freezing rain next week.


For other regions, the dry air from last week’s frost will subside, providing the first taste of rain in weeks.

Millions of Britons felt the first batch hit before Ishani arrived this evening, with the Met Office issuing yellow rain warnings for England and Scotland.

Alerts Day is the first of five days this week, with 10 yellow and amber alerts for Isha’s dramatic arrival from 5pm on Saturday 20 January to 12am on Wednesday 24 January.

According to WXCharts, Scotland will have a short period of cold rain towards the end of that period on Tuesday 23rd January between 9am and 12pm.

Rain falls mainly on the west coast, in the mountainous regions of the northwest and southwest.

According to the Met Office, freezing rain is rare because the conditions needed to create the phenomenon are “very specific”.

While forecasters have not issued any warnings of potentially freezing rain, the agency describes the precipitation as potentially dangerous because the weight of the ice is “light enough at times to bring down trees and power lines ‘ir may be’.

Rain can also cause surfaces to freeze and become slippery, making it “extremely dangerous” for aircraft.

If the cold rain forecast is correct, conditions will emerge that will wreak havoc on Ishani country.

Met Office chief meteorologist Dan Suri warned the storm would bring “strong winds across the UK into Sunday and into Monday”, accompanied by strong winds and heavy rain this week.

Mr Suri said: “In these areas we could often see gusts of 50 to 60mph and even 80mph in exposed coastal areas. As the storm moved away on Monday morning, the far south of England -very strong winds will also develop in the east, creating the risk of 70-80 mph winds here on Monday morning as well.

“Storm Isha will wreak havoc on the UK with strong winds across the country. Heavy rain will bring additional risks, particularly in the west.

“A number of severe weather warnings have also been issued for rain. Please be aware of Met Office warnings and pay close attention to local authority guidance.”


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