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While going to Janakpur, Shri Ram asked Vishwamitra – Thursday!

Whose swayamvara are you going to, who is Sita? Vishwamitra said – Oh Shri Ram! Once upon a time there was a king named Padmaksha, who pleased Lakshmi ji with austerity and asked for a boon that you should appear with me in the form of a daughter. Laxmiji said – I am under Lord Vishnu, I appear wherever he commands. Hearing this, the king pleased Vishnu by doing penance. Then Vishnu gave a fruit and asked him to eat it.

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From that fruit a girl was born after the new month. When this girl grew up, great kings were fascinated by her beauty and they attacked the king Padmaksha. Padmaksha was killed in the battle.

Padmakshi was once standing outside the fire pit; Ravana was fascinated to see her and proceeded to receive her, but Padmakshi got lost in the fire. Thereafter Ravana, after researching in the pool, obtained Pancharatnas and brought them in a box and brought them to his house and gave them to Mandodari and said – I have brought this gem for you.

  • When Mandodari opened the box and saw, a divine girl appeared inside. Seeing her, Mandodari said to Ravana – this girl will destroy your clan. A similar voice came from the ark as well. Hearing this, Ravana agreed to kill that girl, but on the persuasion of Mandodari, she locked the girl in a box and buried her in a field by a servant near Janakpur, far north.

Padmaksha king was born in this Janakpur after his death in the house of a Brahmin. That ark had gone to his field. When the Brahmin started plowing the field with a plow, the ark was received. Fearing that the ark might be money, he went and gave it to King Janak. When the king opened it, he saw the girl inside. Then he sent the brahmin, satisfied with the money, and took the girl as his daughter and kept him in his house, because he did not have a child. The girl was named Sita and being the daughter of Janak, she was also called Janaki.

Once Parshuramji came to King Janak’s place and kept his Shiva bow outside and went to have food inside the palace, then Sitaji picked up this fierce bow and made it a horse and started playing on it.

After the meal, Parashuram saw that Sita was playing with a bow horse., He was very surprised and said to King Janak – with the bow that you offer, you should marry your daughter. Ram ! This swayamvara is happening, the one who offers the bow in this swayamvara will get this girl. Saying this he reached Janakpur.

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