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Publish Date: | Tue, 28 Jun 2022 04:02 AM (IST)

Sagar (Navdunia representative)

After knocking on time in the district, now the monsoon has got stuck somewhere. This has increased the concern of the farmers. Sowing work has also been stalled due to lack of rain. Many farmers have done sowing, which is worrying. The farmers are now gazing up at the sky. The farmers say that the clouds cover every day, but it is not raining. Significantly, on June 15, the monsoon had knocked in the district via Maharashtra. After this, the sequence of continuous rains in different areas continued till June 17. Some farmers had sown crops as soon as the rain stopped, but after six-seven days have passed, due to lack of rain, the seeds sown in the fields are not sprouting. Farmers are worried about the lack of sufficient moisture in the land. Farmer Dhaniram Gupta says that the monsoon came on time. In the beginning there was good rain for three days. Meteorologists were also expecting good rains, so the farmers sowed paddy, maize, soybean, tur. Mr. Gupta says that the farmers bought this seed at expensive prices. Many farmers even had to take loans for seeds, but since June 21, the monsoon has been stuck. The condition is that due to lack of rain, the seeds sown except paddy are getting spoiled. This has increased the concern of the farmers. According to Mr. Gupta, the grain is not able to transform into a plant because of not getting enough moisture. If it doesn’t rain soon, the situation will be very bad.

Manoj Shukla, a farmer of Dhana, says that I have sown soybean in four acres of land. Two days have passed since sowing, but it is not raining. If it doesn’t rain soon, you may have to sow again. Farmer Sattu Patel says that there is no rain on one side, while the water sources are also lying down. Due to this farmers are not able to irrigate even with their own resources. Some farmers have water in their water sources, they have started irrigation in their fields with sprinkler.

133 mm average rainfall recorded in the district so far

So far this rainy season in Sagar district, 133.3 mm of average rainfall has been recorded. According to the rainfall records measured in the rain gauge stations established in the district, from June 1 to June 27, the maximum rainfall of 175.1 mm has been recorded at Khurai center. It may be mentioned that till date last year, 188 mm of rainfall was recorded in the district. The district has recorded 3.4 mm of average rainfall in a single day on June 27. According to the superintendent, land records office, from June 1 till date, in the various rain gauge centers established in the district, 122.6 mm in Sagar center, 160.1 mm in Jaisinagar, 58 mm in Rahatgarh, 187.8 mm in Bina, 175.1 mm in Khurai, 158.5 mm in Malthon. mm, Banda 102 mm, Shahgarh 117.3 mm, Gadhakota 139.6 mm, Rahli 102 mm, Deori 106 mm and Kesli 170.3 mm.

having trouble with the hot sun

In Khurai, Bina and Malthaun areas, up to forty percent sown has been done. Apart from this, sowing has been done in other areas as well, but the percentage is less. Currently it is not raining, while the sun is also getting stronger. There is a risk of damage from this. Irrigate the farmers who have their own resources. The way it is sunny, it is expected to rain in a day or two.

GC Yadav, Senior Agricultural Extension Officer, Sagar

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