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Latur: A bus carrying students overturned near Savali Hospital near Nandgaon Vess in Latur today. Fortunately, there were no casualties. The parents heaved a sigh of relief as all the students on the bus were safe. It is being told that the bus overturned after the driver lost control. (A student bus accident happened in Latur)

Latur is a famous city for education in the state. Parents are trying to get admission in Latur school. There are buses available for the students admitted in the school. School buses are found in large numbers in the city as most of the schools in the city arrange buses.

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To ensure that these buses are safe for the students, the School Bus Safety Committee met yesterday. In this meeting, these school buses should be in good condition, many conditions have been laid including installation of CCTV cameras in the buses. Had this been implemented immediately, this incident could have been avoided, is discussed in Latur.

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