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The students of Karachi University’s Department of Visual Studies have presented a model house that can survive floods in the future.

According to Express News, students from the University of Karachi have presented a model of cheap, durable and movable houses to build houses to control the damage caused by floods in the future.

Bamboo, carpet, mud, reusable plastic bottles and tires etc. will be used to build houses, where the cost of building materials for a house will come from 50 thousand to 1 lakh rupees and it will not cost any living expenses. There will be no change.

The special feature of the houses is that if there is a fear of being damaged or swept away by the water flow, then due to their light weight, they can be easily moved to another place and their belongings can also be stored in it. , the last flood was up to 10 feet, to make the houses safer, the exterior walls will be raised 15 feet to prevent water from entering.

The construction department declared this effort of the talented students feasible and gave an indication to implement it soon.

The students say they came up with a plan to develop lightweight houses after seeing harsh weather conditions in the country and then put it into practice.

The architecture students at the Department of Visual Studies also say that the house has the ability to float on the surface of the water while being designed with the IDPs’ past lives, culture and traditions in mind.

The structure of the house is mostly made of bamboo and different frames are joined together to form walls that can be customized according to the family’s choice and in flood situation the wall can be removed from the foundation while saving lives. So in extreme situations it can be converted into a fleet.

The materials used in the house are not alien to the affected communities and the structures can be built by IDPs themselves due to simple construction techniques. This design allows the structure to float up to 10-12 feet and will cost between 50 grand to 80 grand.

Experts say more than 30 million people have been displaced by recent floods in Pakistan, and only 4,000 have been provided with temporary tents to live in, which are not even safe, and the surrounding environment and water are unhealthy. Nor can they to prevent the spread of diseases caused by

In this regard, Wajiha Siddiqui, a lecturer in the field of construction, said that we are the ones who have to face the effects of natural disasters due to global warming and should be prepared for many more floods in the next 30-50 years. We as future architects had to find a way to give back their protections to them and therefore came up with this plan.


He said that in this regard, a workshop was also organized for the students where they were briefed about the humanitarian and flood situation. He said the rough and ready house concept should end. Some foundations have visited the project made by the students and some voluntary organizations are in contact. Very satisfied with the justification that they have appreciated the students’ efforts.

He further said that our aim is to use the public support properly so that the flood victims can recover quickly and avoid future floods as well.


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