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Suhas Sardesh Mukh, Lok Satta

Aurangabad : The ministerial sub-committee of the state government has made two demands, the state should have an autonomous policy if the third largest sugar industry in the world is to be taken to new heights. Also give subsidy of 35 to 40 lakh rupees for ‘Ethanol’ and sugarcane machine. National Sugar Federation President Jai Prakash Dande Gaonkar said six different demands have been made to the state government to take the next step in the ethanol, CNG and energy sectors and the state government has demanded a subsidy of Rs 6 per litre. . Ethanol production. Meanwhile, Cooperation Minister Atul Sio said the state government’s mindset is not for ethanol, but for sugarcane harvesting.

According to an estimate, the state will produce 13.8 million tonnes of sugar this time. Out of this, the country needs only 4.5 lakh tonnes of sugar. Any remaining sugar or by-products need attention now. A meeting before the start of the Gallup season recommended that the state government should take a step forward in this regard and that a change in policy is needed. The state’s share of ethanol production in the country has now reached 35 percent and is expected to produce 325 crore liters of ethanol in the coming season. However, it has been demanded that the state government should increase investment in ethanol production. Dande Gaonkar said that six per cent interest is refunded on the loan taken from the central government for the storage tank for ethanol production, on the same lines the state government has also demanded three per cent interest refund.

To make the sugarcane season smooth, the number of sugarcane cutting machines has to be increased. At present there are 854 machines in the state. Since the cost of one machine is Rs 1 crore 25 lakh, it has been demanded that the cutting machine should be subsidized. The sub-committee of ministers of the state government has been told that if a grant of Rs 35 to 40 lakh is received, the problem of labor shortage experienced after March and April can be solved. Speaking in this regard, Cooperative Minister Atul Sio said that the central government has increased the rate of ethanol production. Cooperation Minister Atul Sev said that in the coming time easy loan should be provided for sugarcane cutting machine and whether any assistance can be provided.


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