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Mumbai: Bollywood’s popular actress Sunny Leone is celebrating her 41st birthday today. Sunny has also carved a niche by working in Hindi cinema. But there were many arguments around Sunny. He was criticized a lot. That too because of one of his statements.

Sunny Leone controversy
Sunny Leone tweeted a few years back. So she was in big trouble. She had tweeted about the rape and took a jibe at actor Kamal Khan. He wrote, ‘Sunny Leone says rape is not a crime. It’s a surprise sex.’

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Case file against Kamal R Khan
Sunny Leone claimed that she did not tweet this. He said his account was hacked for five minutes. After this, he lodged a complaint against Kamal Khan in the Crime Investigation Cell of Mumbai Police. Then who is Kamal Khan who will remain silent? She also filed a counter-complaint against Sunny Leone and her husband.

Sunny Leone and KKR fight
KKR had said, “Police should arrest Sunny Leone and her husband within 24 hours. Otherwise I will go to court. I have filed a complaint not only against Sunny Leone but also against her husband Daniel Weber. On this Sunny Leone had said, ‘This is very stupid. I don’t want to answer this. Don’t drag me into this after that tragedy in Delhi.’

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I didn’t say anything like that – Sunny Leone
Sunny tweeted that rape is not a crime. This is amazing sex. His followers also retweeted this tweet. However, later Sunny refused to say anything on this matter. It was written above, who wrote that rape is not a crime. It’s a surprise sex, that’s stupid. I never said that. ,