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Supreme Court has disposed of Dua Zahra case. The case was disposed of after the father Mehdi Kazmi withdrew the petition.

According to details, an appeal was heard in the Supreme Court Karachi Registry against the decision of the High Court in the Dua Zahra case. Dua Zahra’s father Mehdi Kazmi appeared in court.

The lawyer of Dua’s parents took a stand before the court that the girl is in Lahore, to which the court asked if the girl was met? Were you allowed to see the baby Father Dua Zahra said that the meeting was allowed for five minutes in the chamber.

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Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar asked whether a medical board was formed. On which the lawyer said that no medical board was formed, a petition for recovery was filed in the Sindh High Court.

Justice Sajjad Ali Shah said that the girl was called at her request and her will was questioned. The issue of child marriage is understood but the abduction is not understood.

Justice Sajjad Ali Shah read out the statement of Dua Zahra in the Sindh High Court and said that we can understand the grief of her father, but the statements of the girl have been made, you cannot accuse anyone of forcing her. Done

Justice Muneeb Akhtar asked if he had challenged the decision of the Lahore High Court there. Lawyer Mehdi Kazmi said that the Lahore High Court petition had been disposed of. Justice Muneeb Akhtar remarked, “We understand the sentiments of the case, but there is no need to be emotional.”

Justice Sajjad Ali Shah said that according to the Sindh High Court, illegal detention does not happen, now what do you want, kidnapping is not proved, two members of the Sindh High Court have said a prayer.

Justice Muneeb Akhtar said there are two legal points, one is kidnapping and the other is custody. Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar also remarked that even a father cannot challenge marriage, only a girl can challenge the status of marriage.

Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar asked Dua Zahra’s father that the girl was making so many statements, what do you suspect? What happens if the girl refuses to meet again? What can happen if girls give statement in court?

According to Justice Muneeb Akhtar, you can file Guardian’s case in Sessions Court. Cases of harassment and kidnapping do not occur. If there is a marriage under the age of 16, then the marriage is valid and you cannot terminate the marriage. Marriage does not end under Sindh law.

Justice Sajjad Ali Shah in his remarks said that she is a girl, not a goat, buffalo or cow. What to do now if married willingly. We can meet you for the whole day, we can’t force the baby.

The court asked Mehdi Kazmi in an interview what do you want? To which the father said that we do not get married without a guardian. Even if the girl refuses after the meeting, my position will be to hand over the daughter to me.

On which Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar said that what is going on, that your profession and their profession is different, what will you do if you do not accept the child even after the meeting.

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