Surveillance to prevent lemon theft

Surveillance to prevent lemon theft

Police plan in Oxkutzcab due to its high price

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OXKUTZCAB.—Because the Persian lemon is now worth up to $600, in order to protect the patrimony of the peasants, the City Council established a surveillance operation in the agricultural production area and prevent the theft of this input.

Elements of the Municipal Public Security Directorate carry out surveillance in the irrigation units, in coordination with the SSP.

According to the director of Public Security, Nelson Ávila Silva, in the first place, peasants are suggested to report or denounce to 911 any person who is not from the agricultural unit or is suspicious.

Surveillance increases in the afternoons, when the peasants leave their orchard. Any person whom the Police detects on the road, if they have crops in their possession, must say where they come from.

In the afternoon-night when the agents see a person with fruits, mainly lemon, in the production area, they are questioned about their stay in that place, if they are peasants, to which unit they belong and their general data.

If she doesn’t belong to a unit in the area and she looks suspicious, they’ll take her to headquarters for legal purposes.

This operation is carried out by elements of the Municipal Police throughout the agricultural zone of Oxkutzcab, located in Plan Chac, Plan Tabi, Cooperative, Yaxhom, Chun Mul, irrigation units in San José X’Kuncheil.

The Police have to monitor more than 100 irrigation units to prevent the theft of lemons and other citrus fruits at least during the first four months of this year, because the price of that fruit increases considerably. — Megamedia

news from Mérida – El Diario de Yucatán

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