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Puber pen, webdesk: Bhopal resident Sushil Raikwad’s mother died when he was 5 years old. A year and a half later, my father also died. He was too young to understand what was happening. At home they said that two of them had died of some serious illness. Sushil grew up playing on the banks of the Narmada River in Madhya Pradesh. Sushil number 5 among 6 brothers and sisters. Despite the fact that he has 4 sisters and an older brother, he lives the life of an orphan in the absence of his parents. Sushil is currently 20-22 years old.

For the past few months, Sushil has been running a pizzeria called Tom and Jerry along with his friend Poonam Pal. Which really responded. But his path was not easy. He said that when his mother and father died, he began to live with his sisters. At first it seemed that they were God for me. Two sisters study at a sports academy. But even then his life gradually became miserable.

Every day I had to listen to mockery. There was nothing to eat. Many nights I had to sleep on an empty stomach. The sisters lived away from home, visiting only once a year. Sushil says, “I can say that I grew up on the banks of the Narmada Ghats. I used to go to school only to eat. At night I ate the prasad that people offered at the Narmada temple in Hoshangabad. Not only that, he also sold coconuts offered to God, from which he collected 10-15 rupees, and in the cold season he slept under a sack so as not to freeze. Recalling the past, Sushil said he sets up a pizza van at a crossroads in Bhopal every day. He was joined by his friend Poonam Pal. They both worked at KFC and Starbucks. But received very little money. And using this experience, they decided to do something on their own, and then opened their own pizzeria.

An average of Rs 5 lakh is being sold every day now, said Tarun Sushil with a cheeky smile.


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