Tamara Lich was arrested in Alberta on a charge of breach of bail Pi News

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One of the organizers of the so-called Freedom Convoy has been arrested in Alberta on charges of violating bail conditions.

Tamara Lich was arrested Monday by local police at Alta’s Medicine Hotspot. She could be detained for up to six days in Alberta before being brought back to Ottawa.

When Lich returns to Ottawa, he is expected to face a new charge of breach of recognition under Canadian criminal law. Lich can remain in Ottawa jail until a new bail trial is scheduled for the new charge.

Lich was the main organizer of the convoy that had been occupying the city of Ottawa for weeks. On February 17, Lich was arrested following the government’s enactment of an emergency law to end the occupation. Lich and fellow protest organizer Chris Barber have been charged with collective mischief, obstructing police, and advising others on misconduct and intimidation.

He was released on bail in March on lengthy bail conditions, including abstaining from social media, not supporting anything related to the Freedom Vehicle series and not being able to contact or interact with multiple individuals associated with the Freedom Series.

One of the men, Conway spokesman Tom Marasso, was photographed near Licht at an event held by the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedom in Toronto on June 16.

Lich was at the dinner that night to receive the Independence Award presented by the JCCF.

Lich first agreed to attend the June event after the Crown attorneys flagged off the awards ceremony in mid-May for violating bail conditions.