Teachers ask for care for a safe return

Teachers ask for care for a safe return

“We expected this reinforcement”

As part of the booster vaccination day for teachers, some mentors shared their views on immunization and going back to school.

Henry Araujo Ancona, Civic Training teacher of Technique No. 20, said that “we feel very protected with this vaccination, and thanks to the state government that is making a great effort so that they can vaccinate us and maybe we can have a comeback.” safe with our students”.

“We must now have more conditions to be in our schools because our students definitely need to be there to learn better. Being at home is not the same as being at school. The difference is very marked”, he considered.

Martín Pérez González, administrative assistant at the Tecnológico de Mérida, expressed: “We think and hope to be more protected because we have no idea about vaccines, but we hope it will be good. We were already waiting for this reinforcement because it had a long time and the same teachers were wondering what was going to happen”.

“Now with this we hope to have greater security and confidence, that we can go through all aspects to prevent us from getting infected or that it is less risky (…)”.

“The issue that I have seen is that there are people who do not take care of themselves, so what has been advanced is regressed and it affects those of us around us, such as some colleagues who did not return because they were infected and we do not know how many more were affected.

Karina Pinto Sabido, prefect of the “Carmen Cervera Andrade” high school in North Sodzil, shared:

“I feel more protected, because supposedly this (Modern) vaccine is one of the best there in the United States, according to what a friend who lives there told me. The truth is, the CanSino did help me because it gave me Covid and it was light, blessed God, everything is fine.”

“To return to the classrooms at 100%, they first have to lower the infections, right now, although the majority are being vaccinated, there are many infections, and if we do not take care of ourselves, it will be a never-ending story. When the infections drop, there will be more security for the students to return to the classrooms because the teachers are going to work.”— Iván Canul Ek

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Rodolfo Arteaga Trillo, a teacher at the “Luis Álvarez Barret” secondary school, said that “I feel more protected because the first one, CanSino, had already been applied for some time. I don’t think a third dose is necessary.”

The schools

“As for the return to school, it will depend on the authorities. There will be a voluntary return, no one can be forced, it all depends on the physical conditions and illnesses of each person, but I think it is necessary for us to return, even if it is as it was working before Christmas.


“About the virtual modality, I think it is already in gear, people already know what they have to do, what there are are economic problems that some students have to pay for their internet, but the students are complying.”

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