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Teams that would have been better if you were in it

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Some bands give you a strong “I could do that” feeling. And you certainly can. Here are some famous acts that never manage to get you on board.

Take this

When Robbie left, the remaining members should have recruited you. Not having a chiseled torso, good looks, or the ability to dance wouldn’t be an obstacle, as pancake-loving songwriter Gary Barlow would have viewed you as a welcome distraction from himself. However, it is their loss.

the fate of the child

Well, BeyoncĂ© and the other two could definitely pull it off and work it out, but they were nothing compared to you and the girls on a terrible night out. When was the last time Destiny’s Child was so overextended that he had to stop a show to look for a contact lens or fix a broken heel? They would if I were on stage.

pink stone

What was Rose conspicuously missing, apart from a singer who could sing? That’s right, Biz character dancing her boobs. The best loose bands needed one, so the Stone Roses could have been even more legendary if Ian Maraca had given them to you. For Second Coming, you could have played air guitar like an awkward Status Quo fan, because no one else cared.


The leading German electro-pop group of the 1970s wasn’t too stern behind synthesizers in their shirts and ties. What they needed was you doing the “robot” dance moves everyone loves at your office Christmas party, adding a strong visual that the group unfortunately lacks. In addition, you will not need to change from work.


It is said that if you thought you should have been in the Sugababes, you probably have been. With no original members in the current lineup, they should contact you. You can do Push The Button at the karaoke under the bar, and you can give them a more lucrative Pussycat Dolls image by not bothering them to wear a skirt.


With a singer who thinks he’s the Messiah and a guitarist masquerading as a figure from the West, there’s definitely room in U2 for your own brand of narcissism. Maybe you could come on stage as another spiritual leader like Buddha…or Gandhi? The band’s recent Las Vegas stint would have lasted over a meager 17 dates and be worth a pathetic $100 million with you on board.