MI Smart Watch 8 key features

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Photo taken from MI’s official website

The Sportswear Style MI Smart Watch is a great watch to wear on the hand which is available at Rs 17,499 instead of Rs 19,999 at the MI Store in Pakistan.

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The smartwatch also has some health features that make this watch stand out for consumers.

8 main features of the watch

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The smartwatch has a 35mm or 1.39 inch round AMOLED display that keeps you healthy and fit.

The watch weighs 32 grams and is available in three colors: black, dark blue and light white.

The MI Smart Watch has over 100 design features

The watch has a 12-nanometer high-end GPS chip

It has geo-magnetic compass, heart rate, oxygen ratio, air pressure sensor and other precision sensors.

The battery of the smart watch is charged in 2 hours and it lasts for the next 16 days. The battery has 50 hours for GPS and sports

There are a total of 117 sports mode watches

This watch can monitor heart rate 24 hours a day

Other features

In addition to these 8 features, the smartwatch is waterproof and can be worn while swimming. The watch is designed for a depth of 50 meters. Its charging system is magnetic while Android version is OS and iOS.

You can buy a smart watch online by booking it from the MI store for Rs 17,499.

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