Sit at home and explore the planets of the solar system

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Get ready to go to the International Space Station, the moon, Saturn, galaxies and beyond.

Scientists in Switzerland have unveiled the world’s largest 3D map to the public, allowing them to explore the planets and distant galaxies of the solar system at home.

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Researchers at a top university in Switzerland have released open source beta software that allows people to explore the universe through virtual visits.

The software combines countless observations and data from large ground and space telescopes and presents them as a 3D scene. The project is called the Virtual Reality Universe Project.

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This virtual scene can be easily viewed on individual VR gear, panoramic cinema with 3D glasses, plantarium screen or even computer screen.

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Jean-Paul Kneeb, director of EPFL’s astrophysics lab, says the uniqueness of the project is that all the data sets are grouped into one framework.

The world’s largest astronomical databases have been used to develop the software. That includes information on thousands of extraterrestrial planets, millions of galaxies and space objects, and more than 1.5 billion light sources in our Milky Way galaxy.

He said that computer algorithms from terabytes of data create the impression that the viewer feels as if he is present in the scene. It is as if you are sitting and looking at the entire observable universe.

Scientists say that people all over the world can access this 3D map for free, all you need is a computer VR device or 3D glasses to see it.

The software will continue to be updated in the coming years and more databases will be added.

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