Warning! Never search these things on Google or you will get in big trouble

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Google There is a place where every day and every time someone is searching for something.

Google But it is very easy to search for things and find out about new things at home, but without Google, life becomes very difficult.

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There are some things that are forbidden to search on Google because it can have negative effects.

If you are one of those people who searches everything on Google, then you must read this first.

1. Product sustainability:

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If you want to know about a specific item that is better for your skin, digestion or any other issue, you will find the answer yes and no on Google.

Therefore, it is better to consult an expert in this matter.

2. Insects:

If you have to do some research on insects, use specific search terms as this will reveal things that can affect your mental health as well.

3. Searching for your name:

If you google your name, you are more likely to encounter some unpleasant results, including some bad images, past information, inappropriate content, etc., since it is not possible for you to delete those content or images. Searching by name should also be avoided.

4. The lungs of smokers:

The internet is full of pictures of sick lungs of smokers, which can be very annoying.

5. Translation:

The translation that will come to you from Google may be embarrassing and may even mean something to the sentence.

6۔ Cutaneous diseases:

Don’t google if you have any pimples or blemishes on your face. Doing so will expose you to more information and images that will shake you up.

7. Disease information:

Searching the internet for the symptoms of your disease can be traumatic, but can also lead to worsening and anxiety, so it is best to seek help from the information on an expert website.

8. Crime Information:

This can be quite serious, such as searching on Google for how a weapon is made, etc., even if it is done for entertainment, but security agencies in different countries always track such searches, And your IP address can go to their database.

If you are also thinking of searching for any of these things, stop immediately or you will be responsible.

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