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New Delhi: Someone told you that if a person is tied to a tree for eight years in hot, rainy or cold weather. Then you’ll be surprised. Imagine for a second that you were transferred to the karma-driven world of the Earl. But now such a shocking incident has come to the fore. One such case has come up in Rajkot district of Gujarat. The 22-year-old boy was tied to a tree for the past eight years.

According to the information received, the 22-year-old was identified as Mahesh and eight years ago suddenly he became aggressive. He started attacking others, throwing stones. Her parents and neighbors were also fed up with her daily troubles. Also, Mahesh was not getting treatment due to poverty at home. So Mahesh’s family tied him naked to a tree.

According to Mahesh’s father Pragji Olakia, Mahesh is mentally ill. So he suddenly becomes aggressive. If anyone came near him, he would throw stones at them. Also, it is not possible for us to treat them due to the bad financial condition of the house. So Mahesh was tied to a tree with iron chains.

Comedian Nitin Jani recently came to know about the family’s condition on social media. He immediately ran to save the family. The family was given a house outside the village. Electricity and fans were also provided there. Mahesh was also released and given food. Nitin Jani said that in the next two to three days, Mahesh will be taken to a psychiatrist for treatment. A Hindi website has given news about this.

web title: 22 year old Mahesh tied to a tree for 8 years to break free

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