Tharu Janjati: The first tribal museum is being set up in the state to honor this ancient tribe! | Soon Get First Tribal Museum ‘Tharu Janjati’ In UP ProIQRA News

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Tribal Museum: Similar to the Tribal Museum at Balrampur, the state government has come up with a plan to set up more similar Tribal Museums at Lucknow, Sonbhadra and Lakhimpur Kheri.

Tharu is a group of indigenous peoples in Terai in southern Nepal and northern India. The governments of Nepal and India have granted these Tharu tribes civil rights. In Nepal though this tribe has a government right. Incidentally, most of the Tharu tribes live in Nepal. This time the Yogi government has decided to build the first indigenous museum in Uttar Pradesh to give dignity to that recognition in India as well. The Tharu Tribal Museum will be built in the village of Emilia Code, a Tharu suburb of Balrampur district in Uttar Pradesh.

It is hoped that the museum will be one of the tourist destinations in the state with its vibrant and diverse culture and way of life. The Tharu Museum, spread over 5.5 acres, is nearing completion. The Tharu tribe museum in the state is nearing completion, and AK Singh, director of the State Museum, said the Tharu tribe is probably the most advanced tribe in UP. They have matched themselves with the change of time. But at the same time, they are trying to keep the tradition and culture intact by being well connected with their roots. This museum in the state will let people know a lot about the Tharus. Attempts have been made to highlight a lot about them.

Incidentally, the Tharu language is a spoken language in the Tharu community. The Tharu community in different parts of Nepal and India do not share the same language. Several different local Tharu languages ​​are spoken. Tharu is one of the major languages ​​in Nepal. The origin of the Tharu people is surrounded by myths and oral beliefs. From history, Thari is considered as the son of the earth. They usually live in Indian Terai areas such as Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. The Government of India has recognized the Tharu community as a Scheduled Tribe.

Similar to the Balrampur Tribal Museum, the state government has come up with a plan to set up more similar tribal museums in Lucknow, Sonbhadra and Lakhimpur Kheri. Also, a museum for children will be set up in Kanauj district. According to a government spokesperson, the culture department has also proposed to build a gallery called ‘Azadi Ki Gaurabgatha’. There are also plans to build government archives in Lucknow based on various stories of independence. There are also plans to set up Natural Science Museums in Meerut and Gorakhpur. The government has plans to set up a Sant Rabidas Museum in Varanasi.