The 18-year-old was held for chasing Patrick Day on the wrong side of the M50 | Pro IQRA News

The 18-year-old was held for chasing Patrick Day on the wrong side of the M50

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that An 18-year-old in Dublin accused of leading Gardaï in a high-speed car chase, as he swerved into oncoming traffic on the wrong side of the M50, has been heard by a court.

Guardi has arrested Sean Carlisle, 18, of Dairy Drive Crumlin, and charged him with motor theft, criminal damage and serious driving offenses in relation to the incident around 4.40pm on Friday.

He faced objections to his bail when he appeared at the Dublin District Court’s weekend hearing.

Garda Jeff Dolan said the teen didn’t respond to some of the accusations, but to others, he responded with, “Sorry about that” and “I’m really sorry, I shouldn’t have been on the wrong side of the road.”

Garda Dolan alleged that when the accused was noticed, he pulled off and went to the wrong side of the Walkinstown roundabout before a “high-speed traffic chase”.

The Garda told the court the teenager was followed to Long Mile Road and Naas Road, later made his way onto the M50, and “traveled south on the northbound lane”.

Garda Dolan added that the car did not move on the hard shoulder but “used the first, second and third lanes, veering between oncoming traffic”.

The court heard other serious driving accidents in the west of the city.


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It was also alleged that the car had fake registration plates and was abandoned after the collision.

The young man, dressed in a green tracksuit, white T-shirt, and court runner, did not address him.

After legal counsel, defense attorney Kevin McRiff (instructed by attorney Brian Keenan) said his “somewhat weak” client was delaying asking for bail.

Judge Gerard Jones ordered the detained youth to appear in Cloverhill County Courthouse on March 24. Legal aid granted.