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On Saturday, diesel fuel decreased by 9 cents per liter. (Michel Euler/Associated Press)

In another fuel price surprise – the second of the week – diesel, stove and cooking oil fell on Saturday after gas prices fell on Friday.

Diesel sees a nine-cent drop at the pumps.

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A liter of diesel in Newfoundland is now $1.94 on the Avalon Peninsula, $1.96 on the Burin Peninsula, $1.97 in Central Newfoundland, $2 on the Connaissance Peninsula, $1.95 in the Corner Brook area, and $1.96-$1.98 in the North Peninsula .

Diesel in Labrador is $2.56 in the Straits, $2.61 in the south, $2.17 in the center, $2.01 in the west, $2.03 in Churchill Falls and $2.41 on the north coast.

Fuel oil decreased by 7.76 cents per liter.

Furnace heating oil was also down 7.76 cents a liter on the Island and 6.12 cents a liter in Western Labrador and Churchill Falls.

An unscheduled adjustment on Friday lowered the price of gasoline by 9.9 cents per liter.

The chart below shows how retail gas prices in Newfoundland and Labrador have changed recently, as reported by users.

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