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The appointment of the Managing Director of NTDC is declared null and void

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LAHORE: The Lahore High Court has declared the appointment of the managing director of the National Transport and Dispatching Company (NTDC) null and void. After the interview, the NTDC Board unanimously forwarded the names of the 3 candidates to the Federal Government. Petitioner Khawaja Rafat Hasan’s name came first while Rana Abdul Jabbar Khan came third in the list. list, was appointed as MDNTDC suggested the name of the candidate Rana Abdul Jabbar, the entire process of appointment was done under the Companies Act 2017 and Public Sector Companies Rules 2013, Federal Government enacted the State Enterprises Act 2023. Counsel for the petitioner took opinion that the said Act was passed by Parliament on January 30, 2023. The appointment of MDNTDC by the Federal Government took place on February 8. According to the petitioner, the said appointment should have been made under the Act of 2023 instead of the Act of 2013. Under the Act of 2023, the Federal Government has no powers to appoint CCOs of state-owned enterprises.

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