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The assassination of the Russian president

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Moscow: Russia has accused Ukraine of trying to kill President Vladimir Putin through a drone strike.

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India’s leading broadcaster NDTV has reported that the Kremlin claimed to have shot down two drones launched by Ukraine that were sent to the Russian president.

In this context, Moscow has warned that Russia will take retaliatory measures when and where it deems appropriate, which it reserves the right to do.

A video of the attack on social media and mass media in Russia has gone viral, where smoke is seen rising from the Kremlin, but nothing has been officially said about it yet. The viral video was allegedly captured by neighbors during the attack.

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According to the Kremlin, the alleged attack was a planned terrorist attack with the main aim of attacking the life of the Russian president.

According to the news agency, Russia says that neither the Russian president nor the Kremlin building was damaged in the actions taken by Ukraine.

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It should be noted that some time ago the Russian president clearly said that he will not target the life of the Ukrainian president Zelensky and he said this in a conversation with the former Israeli prime minister.