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The attack was planned in a WhatsApp group in Nuhan: Wasim revealed

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The police on Wednesday (August 30, 2023) arrested one more accused in connection with public violence in Haryana’s Nuhan district on July 31. The name of the arrested accused is Wasim alias Tita. Wasim allegedly led the mob that attacked the Nalhar temple and the cyber police station.

In interrogation, Waseem, a heavy vehicle driver by profession, has also given information about a WhatsApp group named ‘0011’ which was created to prepare the attack on Bajrang Dal members. The attackers had also conspired to blow up the cyber police station. Wasim had also looted the bus from which the cyber police station was attacked.

According to media reports, Waseem alias Tita was on the run after the Nuh violence on July 31. People know his father by the name Afimi. Wasim Nuhan is a resident of Firozpur Namak village under Sadar police station area. During the violence, Wasim was accused of vandalizing Jhanda Chowk, Adbar Chowk, Nalhar Mandir Road and Thana Cybercrime Nuhan, along with looting, assaulting police force and arson. On August 30, the police had received information that Wasim was coming to the village secretly. The police swooped and took the accused from his village.

After the arrest, Wasim was presented in court from where he has been sent to police custody for 3 days. During interrogation, Wasim is said to have also given information about a WhatsApp group called 0011 along with the names of his accomplices who were involved in the violence.

A total of 60 people were included in this group. The administrator himself was Wasim, who had started preparations for violence from July 30, a day before the Brijmandal Yatra. These preparations included the announcement of the attack on Bajrang Dal members on their appearance in the yatra and conspiracies such as blowing up the cyber police station. Apart from 0011, there are also 20 other WhatsApp groups on the police’s radar.

It has also emerged in the investigation carried out by the police that the attackers’ actions were not in rage but during a well-thought-out preparation. Tell that a bus was also arranged to blow up the cyber station. The attackers from different villages gathered in this bus.

Under the ground report of OpIndia, this yellow colored bus is standing near the police station even at that time. Ashok on the side of the bus and Jai Baba Haridas is written above with Shubh Labh in front. The glasses on all the windows and doors of the bus were found broken. During our ground report, the wall of the cyber police station where the bus was rammed was also found broken. It is said that the mastermind Wasim had rammed the bus against the wall of the cyber police station. But after the violence, he fled to Chennai and posed as a truck driver.

bus used in attack

A hit list was also discussed in the WhatsApp group 0011, which were the main targets of the conspirators during the violence. In this list were not only the workers of Hindu organisations, but also the names of the places where the mob would vandalize and set fires. At present, the police, on the basis of the questioning of Wasim, have gathered in search of other accused.