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40 Chinese among 150 arrested by EOW Mumbai for fraudulently becoming directors of Indian firms

Talegaon-Shap, The case of the use of poison was heated by an employee of the local Mahavitaran office. In this, the Talegaon police have registered a case of breach of trust against 4 officers of the department.

According to information, this serious incident took place in the office of the Assistant Engineer of the local Mahavitaran. A female employee candidate works in the office. Tired of being persecuted by his colleagues, he tried to commit suicide by swallowing poison in the office itself. His dying declaration was given by the Talegaon police in Amravati.

In this, serious things came to the fore. There were talks about harassment of some employees. Based on the victim’s statement, the police opened criminal proceedings against four members of staff. In the case there is information about negligence on the part of the foreman. Despite the complaint, he is accused of ignoring it. Now, what actions have been taken in this case, all eyes are on it.


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