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The City Council raises wages after no one voted for a wage freeze at the meeting Pi News


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City councilors will get a raise this year after no proposal for a pay freeze was tabled Tuesday.

Several councilors have indicated they support a wage freeze that would keep wages at their 2023 level as a goodwill gesture for Calgarians amid rising cost of living.

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But at Tuesday’s city council meeting, no proposal was made to restore the wages.

“I don’t know why councilors haven’t moved forward,” said Mayor Jyoti Gondek.


“Calgarians can contact their councilors and ask why they haven’t put forward a proposal. As I said, it’s not up to me as chair to put forward a proposal.”

As of Jan. 1, councilors’ salaries increased by about 2.41 per cent, according to growth in Albertans’ average weekly earnings (AWE) compiled by Statistics Canada.

An independent commission has set the formula responsible for changing council salaries in 2020.

Count. Dan McLean said he would have voted in favor of the wage freeze if the motion had been brought forward, but he said he didn’t know if it would be on the agenda today.

“I did not educate [the motion] because [I] he knew it was going to fail,” McLean said.

“A couple of years ago I made an offer. It was rejected very quickly, so I knew it wouldn’t go through.”

Council members said the deadline to put the proposal on the agenda has now passed.

“I feel it [it’s] Knowing that the Board’s Compensation Committee will review the salary and tax timing through December 2023, we are a little late in starting the conversation,” said Board Sonya Sharp.

Both Sharp and McLean said they would donate the money they raised to charity.

According to city records, Gondek now earns $213,737 a year, while 14 councilors earn $120,755 a year.

This is the third consecutive year of salary increases for the board.


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