The claim that Zaman Park was raided is baseless, Aamir Mir | Pro IQRA News

The claim that Zaman Park was raided is baseless, Aamir Mir

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Lahore: Minister for Caretaker Information and Broadcasting Punjab Aamir Mir explained about the search of chairman PTI Imran Khan’s house in Zaman Park.

On social media website Twitter, Information Minister Amir Mir said that a three-member team headed by Commissioner Lahore has gone to Zaman Park, the team is yet to conduct any search operation.

Aamir Mir said that the team has to fix the SOPs to search the house, the media team that was visited was not allowed to enter the house, so the claim that the house was searched is baseless.

It should be noted that the government team led by Commissioner Lahore Muhammad Ali Randhawa reached Zaman Park where talks were held with Chairman PTI Imran Khan to search the house.

The government team led by the commissioner also visited the camp inside the Zaman Park. Imran Khan’s lawyers and media representatives are also present inside.

The government team showed the search warrant to Imran Khan at the meeting. The DIG and SSP operations are also part of the government team. The commissioner inspected the site of officials posted for Imran Khan’s security.

How many officials will participate in the search operation?Commissioner’s discussion with Imran Khan is ongoing. Meanwhile, Imran Khan said that the legal team and the media should be together in the search operation, not an objection.