The Conservative MP is on the defensive as a GP at the BBC’s Question Time politely disperses government. | Pro IQRA News

The Conservative MP is on the defensive as a GP at the BBC’s Question Time politely disperses government.

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Tories on its feet as BBC GP Question Time politely takes government away - SurgeZirc UK
The Tories are on the back foot as the BBC’s GP question time politely takes the government away.

With her unusually bland attack on government, a BBC Question Time audience member put a Tory MP on the defensive. The show, which came from Scunthorpe this week, was dominated by a discussion about Nazim Al Zahawi’s tax affairs, the latest scandal to engulf the Tory government.

Rep. Jake Perry, the party’s former chairman, appeared at the hearing and admitted his successor should step down while the matter is investigated. But he seemed concerned when one of the women took up the issue of trust and abandoned the confrontational style for which the show is known.

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She said: “I am a local GP, and trust is a vital component of my profession. I have no disrespect for you sir and I do not mean to embarrass you at all. But we have had a lot of incidents, from Matt Hancock to Boris Johnson to now Nadim Al Zahawi, and a lot of others.”

I really struggle to understand how we can trust the Tories. Like I said, I don’t mean to embarrass you at all.”

“Very politely suggest,” host Fiona Bruce said, because all Perry could do was smile.

The Conservative Party chairman, Asad Al Zahawi, has admitted paying the fine as part of a £4.8m settlement with tax collectors. While Rishi Sunak has resisted calls to sack him, an ethics advisor to the prime minister is investigating whether he has breached ministerial rules.

Johnson, who was fined for breaching lockdown rules and faces an investigation over whether he lied to the House of Commons about the party gate, was forced to resign as Tory leader and eventually prime minister in July after allies in the cabinet dumped him in a wave of resignations. .

The straw that broke the camel’s back during the BBC’s Question Time was a question about his ruling in the Chris Pincher case, in which the Tory whip was accused of drunken groping.

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During the coronavirus pandemic, Hancock, then the health secretary, flouted coronavirus social distancing rules by having an affair in his ministerial office with his assistant, Gina Coladangelo.

On Thursday it was revealed he was paid £320,000 for his appearance on I’m a Celebrity but, despite promises, has only donated a fraction of the fee to charity.