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The court requested a calculation of the costs of the development works

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Karachi: The Sindh High Court has asked the relevant institutions to respond to the plea regarding the illegal use of more than 3 billion rupees of World Bank funds for infrastructure in Karachi. The court asked how much money was spent on the development work.

According to the details, a hearing was held in the Sindh High Court regarding non-transparency of the World Bank funds of 3 billion 60 crores, where the court has sought a response from the FBR and the Advocate General of Sindh.

The court has sought the answer that how much tax has been collected from Karachi in the last 3 years and asked how much of the collected tax was spent on development works?

The petitioner believes that the amount of funds given by the World Bank is not being used properly, the court observed that this matter falls under the category of public interest.

Later, the court also issued a notice to the president of the Sindh High Court Bar Association, asking him to appear for assistance in the next hearing.

Earlier, in the last hearing of the case, the petitioner’s lawyer had said that there are projects of 3 billion 60 crore rupees for the infrastructure of Karachi, this project is going on under the name of Competitive and Livable City of Karachi (CLK).

Transparency in projects is mandatory according to the rules, but the parties have not even announced any development project.

According to the petitioner, the parties are carrying out this work under the guise of emergency, it should be mandated to issue tender advertisements for each project.