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A growing crisis in the island nation of Sri Lanka. Financial difficulties pushed the island nation to dire poverty. In her outstretched palm, Nilanthi Gunasekera, 49, holds out a handful of dried fish for family members. Because his family has nothing to eat. The mark of this extraordinary calamity is now borne by the entire island nation.

Sri Lanka has not seen a more serious financial crisis in decades. Showing the fish in his hand, Gunasekera said, “Now our family cannot even afford to buy fish. Meat is far away. We could not buy fish for two weeks. I collected this fish with great difficulty. This is the last squirrel for us.”

The coronavirus epidemic, the rise in oil prices and the financial mistakes of the previous government. In general, the islanders suffered heavy blows. Sri Lanka gained independence from Britain in 1948, just a year after India. This is the first time since they faced the biggest financial crisis. Experts think so.

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No production. The prices of goods are inflated. No fuel, no food and no medicine. In a word, Sri Lanka is not an uncle’s kingdom. Months of street protests are now passing peacefully. In July, protests forced former president Gotabaya Rajapaksa to flee the island nation. But there was still no relief. In the island nation of 2.2 million people, a quarter of the population is still undernourished and suffering from malnutrition.

Along with the groaning, crime grew. Gunasekera said that a few months ago, thieves broke into his house and stole a stove and a gas cylinder. He said: “We can no longer afford to buy gas cylinders or stoves. So I’m forced to cook by making a fire with wood or something.”

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