The culture of Pakistani judiciary has become, we can not choose independent judges, Irfan Qadir Pi News

Senior lawyer Irfan Qadir has said that in most of the countries of the world, the system is in place that judges can be selected without any objection, but the culture of Pakistani judiciary has become that we choose independent judges here. Can’t do

He raised this legal point while speaking on New Dori TV program “Khabar Se Aage”. Irfan Qadir said that it has become a culture in our country that we can neither choose independent judges nor can we talk about anything that would safeguard the independence of the judiciary.

Irfan Qadir said that if there is an impression that only five judges are always part of the benches in special cases then they can be asked to step down as they do not appear to be impartial.

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He said that the accepted rule in the world is that the plaintiffs cannot choose their own judge but if there are 10 people and only 3 of them have cases then it can be objected.

However, he said that making such a request in Pakistan is like, by God, we have insulted someone. This is a very wrong trend in Pakistan, by doing so the judges fall behind you.

“When I asked a judge to step down from the bench, he was so angry that he stayed behind me for many years,” he said. I had to plead in this case because you have come down on so many personalities, so you should not listen to it.

Irfan Qadir said that he also refused to listen to this and passed an order against me and suspended my license to practice law. At that time Aitzaz Ahsan and the late Asma Jahangir gave their full support to me but this matter remained hanging in the history of Pakistani judiciary for three and a half years. Eventually the Supreme Court had to withdraw it through a notice.

Speaking on the issue of alleged audio leaks of Malik Riaz and Asif Zardari during the program, Muzammil Suhrawardy said that it was clear that Imran Khan hoped that Zardari would help them because when the eyes and ears are closed. So people like Malik Riaz are needed.

Muzammil Suhrawardy said that many people in Pakistan are witnesses to the fact that Imran Khan had sought help from PPP several times in the past for his own benefit. But his relationship with Zardari had deteriorated due to the arrest of Faryal Talpur.

He said that Imran Khan had tried till the last moment to get rid of Zardari before he lost his power but he had promised his allies. Then Imran Khan had also lost the support due to which he used to take support from Zardari. Imran Khan had lost the support of the Establishment, Zardari had realized that.

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