“The decision appears to be 4-3, the dispute will not end so easily” | Pro IQRA News

“The decision appears to be 4-3, the dispute will not end so easily”

 | Pro IQRA News

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Today’s verdict in the Supreme Court appears to be 4-3. The dissenting judgments of the previous two judgments cannot be ignored. This bench has gone down from 9 members to 5 judges as a result of continuity, it is not a new bench. Disagreement is a good thing and there should be disagreement, it is only from this that new solutions emerge, but the rule for disagreement should also be the law. Now it is very clear that the four judges did not consider this petition to be admissible. This conflict does not seem to end easily. This says Syed Ahmed Hasan Shah, a lawyer.

Barrister Owais Babar while speaking on Naya Dur TV’s talk show “Khabar Se Aya” said that PDM is also sitting silent, the Election Commission has not told the Supreme Court that if the election cannot be held in 90 days. So why can’t they do it, when they are so lazy, then the Supreme Court should have given the same decision as it has given because the constitution mandates to hold elections within 90 days.

He said that the 2017 Electoral Act gives a lot of power to the Election Commission, they could have used this power to say that we will conduct the election on this day and the institutions should help us under all circumstances. They could also say through the notification that we had to hold the election within 90 days but we cannot hold the election due to such and such reasons.

Barrister Ahmad Pansuta said it is unfortunate that our political leadership was not ready to resolve any issue within Parliament. Everyone wanted the election date issue to go to court and then politicize it. Therefore, the Supreme Court had to take automatic notice. Somoto can be taken at the request of a common man, so what could be wrong in taking somoto at the request of a Supreme Court judge?

Fauzia Yazdani said that we expected the Supreme Court to take a decision keeping the collective wisdom in mind and also keeping the census issue in mind.

Murtaza Solangi said that Farooq H. Naik withdrew the application to constitute a full bench of the court. Now tomorrow, if they file an appeal for review of this decision, how will they request that this request for review be heard by the full court bench?

The presenter was Raza Rumi. “Khabar Se Aayda” airs on Naya Dur TV every Monday to Saturday at 21:05.