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The decision to impose severe punishment for opening a hotel without a permit Pi News


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Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Tourism said in a statement that four sealed hotels in Makkah would face double penalties for reopening without permission.

According to the information of the international news organization, investigative inspectors of the Ministry of Tourism visited more than fifteen thousand hotels in Mecca.

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During this time, investigative inspectors sealed 283 hotels, 299 hotels were engaged in business activities without a permit.

According to the information of the Ministry of Tourism, during the investigation process, four hotels were sealed based on numerous violations and were operating without permits.


The Ministry of Tourism of Saudi Arabia has announced that strict measures will be taken against these hotels under the tourism law and a double penalty will be imposed.

According to him, “those who do not comply with the hotel permit will not be prosecuted, they will be punished according to the tourism law.”

According to the ministry, if the investigative committee decides to seal which hotel, it will be done immediately. This work will be done in cooperation with Makkah governorate and Makkah police.

The Ministry of Tourism announced that inspections will be conducted at all sealed hotels in the coming days to ensure the execution of the punishment given in this regard.



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