The decision to launch 5 auto routes in the city by connecting with the metro was taken by the transport department ProIQRA News

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Pub Pen Reporter: The state government has taken steps to meet the growing demand for connection of busy routes of vehicles. And so the government has decided to launch five more auto routes around the Kolkata metro station.

This decision has been taken considering the extra passenger traffic at the station. At least 400 autorickshaws will be unloaded on the new routes. All vehicles will be electrically powered.

Initially, the new service will be launched in the vicinity of Dakshineswar and Noapara stations on the North-South Metro line and around Bengal Chemical, Central Park and Swabhoomi stations on the East-West line.

Last Saturday, Transport Minister Firhad Hakim said the government was planning to launch a metro network to reduce the number of vehicles on the roads. The Department of Transportation conducted a survey a few weeks ago on the demand and supply of additional auto routes in the vicinity of metro stations.

Senior officials of the transport department said on Monday that new routes were being created considering the demand of passengers and the lack of connection of major routes around the station.

“We have already noticed that the communication between Dakshineswar Metro Station and an engineering college in Agarpara is still weak,” said an official of the transport department. During this transport survey, the officers found that the Noapara metro station near Dunlop has a large demand for passenger vehicles from Sinthi-Baranagar-Tobin Road and some parts of ISI. Similar passenger demand has been seen between Swabhoomi station and Ultodanga. It is seen that there are not enough autos to meet the demand of passengers traveling between Wipro and Sector Five metro stations.

The Department of Transportation has determined how many autos will be introduced on the new route based on a survey. The official added that besides promoting the benefits of using electric vehicles, the new routes will further strengthen Metro connectivity.