The effect of rising inflation, a sharp rise in the price of motorcycles Pi News

Lahore: (Web Desk) After the continuous increase in the prices of petroleum products and rising inflation in the country, Honda has increased the price of its motorcycles.
According to the new prices released by Honda, the CD70 has increased by Rs 5,000 from Rs 1,6,500 to Rs 111,500.
Similarly, Honda CG 125 has increased from Rs. 168,500 to Rs. 174,500 after an increase of Rs. 6,000.
The new price of CD70 Dream is Rs. 119,500 which was Rs. 113,500 before the increase of Rs. 6,000.
Honda Pryder has also increased by Rs 6,000 from Rs 1,44,900 to Rs 1,50,900.
The CG 125SE also went up by Rs 7,000, after which the new price has gone up from Rs 1,98,500 to Rs 2,500.
The price of Honda CB 125F has been increased by Rs 10,000, after which the new price has been increased by Rs 235,900 to Rs 263,900.
The price of CB150F also went up and a big increase of Rs. 15,000 was seen. After this increase, the price of motorcycle has increased from Rs. 38,900 to Rs. 323,900.
Honda CB 150 FSE has increased from Rs. 312,900 to Rs. 327,900 after an increase of Rs. 15,000.