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A woman and two dogs got stuck in the mud at Purress Country Park on Wednesday, prompting the fire service to be called.

Two fire engines were dispatched to Bury Park shortly after 12pm, but a woman and two dogs managed to dig out of the knee-deep mud before they arrived.

An eyewitness said that the men who were passing through the area were able to help the woman and the dogs reach safety.

No injuries have been reported.

A Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said: “Just after 12pm (Wednesday), two fire engines from Bury Central and Whitefield were called to a report of a person stuck in the mud on Woodhill Road, Bury.”

“The crews quickly arrived on the scene. A woman and two dogs had worked their way themselves out of the knee-deep mud.”

“The firefighters were present for about 15 minutes.”

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