The Flying Scotsman will return to East Lancashire this weekend | Pro IQRA News

The Flying Scotsman will return to East Lancashire this weekend

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We’ve got all the details, including when and where you can spot it.

This record-breaking engine celebrates its 100th anniversary in service, and as part of the celebrations it will travel across the country.

From Friday to Sunday (17th to 19th March), the train will make its journey through the Irwell Valley, from Bury to Rottenstall.

Tickets for a journey on the train are available to buy online, with prices starting at £22.50 per person.

This ticket includes unlimited travel on all other services of the line between Heywood, Bury, Ramsbottom and Rawtenstall.

The Class 2999 ‘Lady of Legend’ train will also run alongside the Flying Scotsman.

If you don’t want to buy a ticket, you still have the chance to catch a glimpse of the Flying Scotsman as it zips along the tracks or arrives at Rawtenstall Station.

This is the full train schedule for the Flying Scotsman, Friday through Sunday. The dates are subject to change.

Flying Scotsman schedule

First flight

Departure from Bury: 9:00

Arrival in Rawtenstall: 9.27 a.m

Departure for Rawtenstall: 9.47 am

Arrival in Bury: 10.15 a.m

The second trip

Departure from Bury: 11:00

Arrival in Rawtenstall: 11..27 a.m

Departure for Rawtenstall: 11.50 am

Arrival in Bury: 12.19pm

Third trip

Departure from Bury: 1 p.m

Arrival in Rawtenstall: 1.27 p.m

Departure for Rawtenstall: 1.50 pm

Arrival in Bury: 2.20 p.m

Fourth flight

Departure from Bury: 3 p.m

Arrival in Rawtenstall: 3.27 p.m

Departure for Rawtenstall: 3.47 p.m

Arrival in Bury: 4.17 p.m

Fifth flight

Departure from Bury: 5 p.m

Arrival in Rawtenstall: 5.27 p.m

Departure for Rawtenstall: 5.47pm

Arrival in Bury: 6.15 p.m

The Flying Scotsman is considered by many to be the most famous locomotive in the world.

The iconic locomotive was built in 1923 and designed by Sir Nigel Gresley.

It was built at the Doncaster Works and cost £7,944 at the time.

It was officially the first locomotive to reach speeds of 100 mph and the first to travel around the world.

The train is also the world record holder for the non-stop run on a steam locomotive, a record set in 1989 with a journey of 442 miles.

Find out more and buy tickets on the East Lancashire Railway website.