The formation of a new front of progressive forces called the United Democratic Front Pi News

A new front called the United Democratic Front has been formed by democratic, secular and progressive forces at a conference organized by the Awami Workers Party on the economic and political crisis.

The conference demanded that all the ruling parties protect the interests of the Establishment, the IMF and the profiteers instead of the people and only strive for a seat. The future of most of Pakistan’s young population is bleak unless a fundamental change in state priorities is made. All democratic and progressive forces must be organized to assert the right of workers, peasants, women and religious minorities to rule.

These views were expressed by various speakers at the “All Parties People’s Conference” organized by the Awami Workers Party at the Islamabad Hotel on Sunday. It was attended by a large number of progressive political activists, intellectuals, students, trade union leaders and workers, and announced the formation of a new united front, the United Democratic Front.

Addressing the meeting, Awami Workers Party leaders Yousuf Musti Khan, Bakhsh Thalho, Akhtar Hussain, Farzana Bari and Asim Sajjad said that the current economic crisis has proved that the current system of governance in Pakistan is nothing but hunger for the people. There is nothing left but misery.

He said that the aim of the Establishment and its benevolent politicians was to beg from the IMF and make a profit from the plunder of water, forests, land and other natural resources. Of course, the economy will be completely destroyed and the majority of working people will die of hunger and thirst.

The speakers said that in this context, it is imperative that the political and social forces fighting for progressive and true democracy, anti-imperialist and anti-establishment, all rights of working people, protection of women and children, protection of environment, repression of the oppressed. Build an alliance against and against building a true democratic federation of Pakistan and preventing the political use of religion.

National Party Senator Tahir Bizenjo said that we welcome the process of forming a front of all progressive forces in the style of the past National Awami Party and understand that Balochistan, former FATA and others are suffering from the worst forms of state repression. It will send a positive message to the youth of the oppressed regions.

Afrasiab Khattak of the National Democratic Movement said that it was the job of the progressives to recognize Pakistan as a multinational state and make it a true democratic federation, otherwise the ruling clique would push us further into the politics of hatred.

Jamil Iqbal of the PRSF said that there are 150 million youth in Pakistan who need education and employment as well as a dignified life, which is possible only by transforming the state of national security into a welfare state. Awami Tehreek’s Noor Ahmad Kathiar said that people of Sindh are thirsty for water, rivers have dried up while glaciers in Gilgit-Baltistan are melting, fishermen and farmers’ jobs in coastal areas of Balochistan have been ruined but still state There is no change in priorities, it is the duty of the progressive forces to establish friendly relations with Afghanistan and India and to bring the benefits of economic development to the people.

The first convener of the UDF will be Yousuf Musti Khan, president of the Awami Workers Party. The meeting will be held in Lahore on June 30, which will include more organizations.