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The global LEGO experience now in North Plaza

The time we have been through has allowed more families to entertain themselves at home and generate unforgettable moments. And precisely one of the favorite pastimes that unites generations are the creative and fun LEGO games, with which adults and children can create endless stories full of imagination.

This wonderful world has attracted a large part of fans around the world and a community in Peru that continues to grow year after year. For this reason, LEGO continues to bet on its expansion in Latin America and especially in Peru, as it resumes its expansion of the brand in the country with its reopening in the Plaza Norte Shopping Center, this time as a Certified LEGO Store, one that complies with the international standards in quality, design and infrastructure that characterize the LEGO experience worldwide, allowing to unify the visit of any person who visits them, regardless of their geographical location.

Thus, with this remodeling, the brand manages to certify all the stores in the country. In this regard, Miguel Estupiñán, commercial manager of Elite Brands, LEGO representative in Peru, comments: “For us the most important thing is that each person who visits a LEGO Store can live a unique and personalized experience, which motivates them to be part of the great community that has been created. The sales team of our stores has a LEGO fanatic spirit, with which they manage to transmit the benefits of the products, being the main tool to achieve the company’s objectives ”. He also maintains that this season has been the time when parents have sought an entertainment alternative to digital games and that also allow them to share time with the family, finding in LEGO a quality and healthy entertainment option for young and old.

For this reason, the LEGO Store in Plaza Norte will have an exclusive area called: “Adults Welcome”, an exclusive area for adult collectors with sets designed for them, that challenge their ingenuity and relive their favorite childhood moments. With pieces that will serve to decorate your home and office. These sets will be aligned to the global launches of the brand. Also, during the day you can enjoy the game experiences: “Build a Minifigure”, a space that will allow fans to create characters to their liking and the ‘Pick a Brick’ wall with thousands of pieces so that users can purchase specific parts and buy them in bulk.

The official opening will be on August 20, on the 2nd floor of the CC. North Plaza; with a limited capacity and during the day it will have exclusive discounts, promotions and collectible gifts for the first purchases. In addition to the unveiling of two sculptures of LEGO pieces brought exclusively for this store.

This opening takes place around Children’s Day and is in addition to the strategies with which the brand has overcome the pandemic, since recently its own Ecommerce – LEGO.EliteOficial.com, celebrated one year of its launch, making shipments to the entire country and getting closer to more Peruvians. Likewise, the brand continues to get closer and closer to users through other platforms such as Rappi and WhatsApp, in order to offer solutions that allow it to continue adapting to the new normal.