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The head of the BDT, who proposed a vote of no confidence in Kaimur, was kidnapped: he was beaten, the police found the BDC, the accused head was arrested … Pi News


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Kaimur: Chand block chief of the district, Anil Kumar, was arrested by the police. In fact, he was accused of kidnapping BDC Satish Singh, who had moved a no-confidence motion. Following this, Satish Singh’s family members named chief Anil Singh and filed an FIR against three other named persons and five unidentified persons. Taking serious note of this situation, the police team started investigating the situation. And there were constant raids on BDC recovery.

The BDC was found near the UP-Bihar border, where it was abducted after the SP moved a no-confidence motion.

BDC was found near the UP-Bihar border

However, BDC Satish Singh was released by the police near the Bihar-UP border. Here the police found him and brought him to the hospital for treatment. According to the information received from the doctor during the treatment, many scars were found on his body. However, while giving information on the matter, SP Lalit Mohan Sharma, BDC Chand Block said that an FIR of kidnapping of Anil Singh has been lodged by his family members at Chand police station. When the condition was noted, action was taken and after much effort, they recovered.

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Where was the SP abducted by the motion of no confidence?

According to him, an FIR has been filed against three people, including the head of the block, and five unknown persons. Since then, the police have conducted constant raids to recover them. Where BDC Satish Singh was released by the police. Police rescued Satish Singh and he was treated at a hospital. Very deep wounds were found on his body. He said that he submitted a no-confidence motion against the chief, after which he was abducted on February 9 in Sayon. He was severely beaten and locked in a room. However, the accused chief Anil Kumar was arrested. And preparations are being made to send him to prison.


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