The image of Nevin Mandour, after her release from prison, leads the trend.. What is her truth?

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The name of the Egyptian artist, Nevin Mandour, topped the search engines after the spread of a rare picture of her.

And Nevin Mandour appeared in the circulating picture, and she lost a lot of weight.

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Nevin Mandour

By research, it was found that the photo is old, dating back to 2014.

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The famous Fayhaa appeared on social networking sites in a private party on the birthday of one of her friends.

Nevin Mandour

The secret of Neven Mandour’s nickname (Fayhaa)

The title of Fayhaa is due to the famous role played by Nevin Mandour with the artist Mohamed Saad in the movie (Ally Bali Balak).

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Nevin Mandour

Years ago, the security services in Alexandria arrested Neven Mandour.

Others were with her for possessing cigarettes wrapped in cannabis, and 4 bullet wounds in her car.

And that is at the entrance (Muharram Bey), west of the governorate.

Hashish and weapons

Investigations revealed that a car contained 3 people, including the artist, Nevin Mandour, and two others, while they were trying to escape from a Carrefour ambush.

On searching the car, a marijuana cigarette and 4 bullets were found in their possession.

Neven Mandour was later released after posting bail, and she was released.

new charge

She was arrested again on a similar charge in 2016, and she was released with a residence permit.

Nevin Mandour was born on June 16, 1980.

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She got her start in acting through her participation in school plays as well as at the university.

her artwork

Nevin embodied her first starring in the movie (Elly Bali Balak) in 2003 with Mohamed Saad.

In 2005, Nevin returned to acting again through her participation in the series (I’m Back to You, Alexandria).

Nevin Mandour

She appeared at the time with the artist Khaled Al-Nabawi.

In the same year, Nevin co-starred in the play (Dalila and Sherbet).

It is starring the late artist Abdullah Mahmoud and Fadia Abdel Ghani.

She also participated in the comedy series (Che Toto Restaurant).

The series was starring Farouk al-Fishawi, Samir Ghanem, Karima Mokhtar and Salah Abdullah.

rare to appear

After that, Nevin moved away from the artistic scene and did not appear in artistic roles, and her name appeared in drug cases only.

Nevin is known for her rare appearance, both on the technical level and on social networking sites.

And her official account on (Facebook) contains only a few religious supplications and expressive images.

Nevin Mandour has not changed her account picture since 2011.

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