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Raiganj: Erosion of Kulik river continues in West Birnagar area of ​​Raiganj city. And Raiganj Ten Class Girls High School on the banks of the river is in the grip of this erosion. Due to being alone on the river bank, the school toilets have already gone to the riverbed. Cracks have appeared in the school building. Finally, the construction of the guard wall has started to save the school from demolition. The result is happy school authorities.

Every year, teachers from Raiganj Ten Class Girls High School have to live in panic due to landslides during the rainy season. Authorities have long demanded the construction of a river bank to protect the school from erosion. This year too, the school authorities were worried about how to save the school from demolition. Finally, following the demand of the school authorities, the Irrigation Department started the construction work of the guard wall of the Kulik river adjacent to the school. Baban Saha, a member of the school’s management committee, said the school’s toilets had been submerged in the river for about four years due to erosion problems. Cracks have appeared in the three-storey building. We applied to the administration as well as the Irrigation Department for the guard wall. We are happy that the Irrigation Department has finally taken the initiative to build a guard wall. The Irrigation Department has started construction of guard walls with large eucalyptus trees and pitch drums to prevent river erosion.

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Seema Nag, the school’s headmistress, said there was a possibility of a major accident involving the school’s three-storey building. The three-storey building of the school was going to be submerged due to the erosion of the river bank. Based on our request, the Irrigation Department has started the work of paving the river bank. We are hopeful that the classrooms will survive the demolition. Chaitali Ghosh Saha, a former Trinamool Congress councilor in the area, alleged that efforts were being made to build a guard wall, but it was not clear who was constructing the guard wall. We are looking into the matter. We had a demand to build a concrete guard wall.

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