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Nissin He’s never afraid to think outside the box, and This time they are road outside.

Like virtue, eating instant ramen It’s supposed to be rewarding. Delicious, fit, and satisfyingly filling – what more do you need?

and yet, cup noodles maker Nissin It gives us plenty of reasons to eat instant ramen with it Quest noodles Upgrade functional…Many of these reasons are crazy.

For example, one possible prize is a 1.5 kg (3.3 lb) supply of the famous “Mistry Meat” noodle cup Found in instant ramen nisin. Thankfully, it comes in a resealable bag, so you don’t have to eat it all in one sitting, and you even get a recipe book that teaches you how to make mystery meat fried rice, mystery meat hamburgers, and mystery meat stuffed peppers.

The way promotion works is that You get 1 point for every cup of noodles you buy. Using your smartphone and the QR code on the paper cover, you can score your points and apply them to enter a drawing for one of the 18 types of prizes awarded away. The Mystery Meat Pack is a two-point award, which is the lowest level, and things get even weirder as you advance through the ranks. For example, one of the six point awards is Giant Mysterious Meat Pillow.

▼ 75 cm (29.5 inches) in length, width and height, a world away from ordinary interior design aesthetics

At 12 point level, you qualify for Noodle Cup Headset.

This is not just a cosmetic mockup, but also a fully functional Bluetooth headphone/microphone unit, suitable for streaming online sessions and conferences.

▼ It’s also a great way to earn an extra day off, as once your boss sees that you’re dressed like this, he’ll probably think you need some time to rest your visibly tired brain.

And at the top, in the “complete” level of 16 points, you will find …

… sauna noodle cup!

From the outside it looks like a 2 meter (6.6 ft) tall noodle cup container, but it’s actually a tent spacious enough for two adults to jump inside to steam.

The number of prizes awarded varies by type, with five noodle steamers available, and 200 each for a headset, pillow and a Mystery Meat bag. There are also fewer crazy prizes on offer, such as noodle cup-shaped drink bottles and big bags, bringing the total number of all prizes available to 2,500.

The Cup Noodle Quest website, which has a scoring link, can be found here, and the promotion runs from now until January 31st, so hopefully you’ll be able to make use of your sauna during the cold days of late winter.

Source: Nissin via Hachima Kiko
Pictures: Nissin
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