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Subid Abdullah: There is a library but no readers. Maldar’s ‘Muslim Institute Library’ is suffering due to lack of readers. But the number of books in the library is seven thousand. The average daily reader is five. It is known that readers used to overflow in the library before Kovid. Now those who come are all college, university students.

Bobby Ahmed, the editor of the library. He says that in the digital age, even though the number of readers has decreased, the number of elderly readers has increased. The library has to be closed for a long time during the coronation period. Several of the senior members of the library died. Daily readers are not coming because of that fear.

There are two Muslim institutes and a library in West Bengal. Both were founded in 1929. The Muslim Institute was formed in Calcutta in the same year. The aim was to instill a sense of culture in the educated youth of the Bengali Muslim community. The government grant-in-aid library is running on member subscription fixed in 1986. The amount of subscription is 3 rupees, 2 rupees and 1 rupees. Which is still going on today. Earlier the number of books was ten thousand. Already many valuable books have been ruined by carelessness. Even then, there are many rare books in this library. The first roadmap drawn by the East India Company in the interest of the people after the Battle of Palashi is still preserved in this library. There are also books of 18th and 19th centuries.

Mokaddar Hossain, a 40-year-old member of the library, thinks that in the digital age, there are no more readers. Moreover, so little chadda no longer goes. However, only students can save this library. He needs a textbook. He said many students from rural to urban areas do not have enough books. If you keep books for them, they can sit here and take necessary lessons.

According to sources, on the other hand, the library is also struggling financially. Bobby Ahmed said Library Minister Siddiqullah Chowdhury has seen the current condition of the library. He also knows that the library needs to be saved. But he did not respond.

On the other hand, Minister for Minorities Golam Rabbani recently visited the library. Want a budget book. He was asked for a textbook worth Rs 35 lakh. Later, however, no reply came from the minister’s office, the library authorities said.

Above all, the library secretary sought the help of the state chief minister to save the district’s traditional Muslim Institute library.