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More details are now known about a man reported missing along the Thompson River on Saturday: He played in a recreational soccer tournament, lived in Vernon and jumped into the water to save a child.

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“According to witnesses, the man entered the water to help a child who was struggling and went under his body,” said Canadian Mounted Police spokesman Kamloops, Cpl. Crystal Evelyn.

“So it is a very sad situation.”

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Kamloops confirmed that the man was from Vernon.

Rob Peeva is the soccer tournament’s organizer and described a somber tone on a weekend that was meant to be fun.

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“The boy was saved, and it was the father who did not get out of the water,” said Biffa.

“And at that point, we saw helicopters and planes flying over the river and we kind of figured it out.”

Amid the tragedy, the football community came together to support the grieving family.

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“Most of the teams that attended the event won cash prizes depending on where they were, and I would say most of the teams donated their money to be distributed to the family,” Beva said.

“Once we know who the family is, there will be a check somewhere in the neighborhood for $2,500 that goes to the family.”

RCMP officers did not find the missing man until Tuesday.

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“Police had planes, boats, and drones in the area looking for the man and have yet to locate the man,” Evelyn said. “The RCMP’s Underwater Recovery Team is also helping with the investigation.”

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