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The mid-air crash of two planes was caught on camera Pi News


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On-board cameras captured the collision of two Viper S-211 Marchetti aircraft as they tried to film a reverse maneuver.

Pilot Stephen Gale, 56, and cameraman James Rose, 30, died on 19 November 2023 when the Viper nose dived into Port Phillip Bay, Victoria.

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They were filming a Jetworks Aviation promotional video featuring another Viper about 12km west of Mount Martha when the planes collided.

Footage from video footage recorded in the surviving Viper (Viper 1) was released on Wednesday in a preliminary report by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, showing the time of the impact.


The pilot and safety pilot, Viper 1, clipped the wings of the two planes when they attempted a reverse maneuver.

The separation between Viper 1 and the aircraft carrying Mr Gale and Mr Rose (Viper 2) narrowed and the right wings collided as the unfortunate aircraft passed to the left of the other.

Viper 2 continued to climb and passed Viper 1 in reverse, before diving into a near vertical nose dive to the water below.

As Viper 1 turned toward the crash site, the safety pilot observed a splash mark and debris in the bay. The pilot made a small call.

The two pilots in Viper 1 returned safely to Essendon Airport.

Mr Gale, a highly experienced flyer, owns Essendon Fields-based Jetworks Aviation, which was created for the yet-to-be-aired documentary Any Fool Can Fly.

A final report will be issued at the conclusion of the ATSB investigation.


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