The Minister proposes a four-week freeze on new asylum seekers at Hotel Claire to lift the blockade | Pro IQRA News

The Minister proposes a four-week freeze on new asylum seekers at Hotel Claire to lift the blockade

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Secretary of State for Integration Joe O’Brien has told residents of Cu Claire that no additional international protection (IP) applicants will be brought to Magona House over the next four weeks.

In Ennis on Thursday night, O’Brien said he made the proposal to a delegation of residents as part of an effort to remove roadblocks by local residents to and from the former Magowna House hotel.

The barriers have remained in place since the arrival of 33 intellectual property applicants at Magowna House on Monday night.

Includes parking for cars and tractors across the road to the hotel.

Protesters said this was to stop a second bus that was expected to take another 30 asylum seekers to the three holiday homes on the grounds of the hotel building.

Outside the Temple Gate Hotel in Ennis, Mr. O’Brien said his request to the delegation of the inhabitants to a meeting “is that the barricades shall be removed and in four weeks I shall come back and meet them again and during that four weeks no one more shall come to Magona House”.

Minister O’Brien said residents’ representatives would take his proposals back “to the wider community and see if they are acceptable”.

“I hope that in four weeks the people of Inch will see that this is a better situation for the residents and less fear for them as well,” he said.

He added: “It’s related to the retracted barriers. The barriers need to be taken down and I’ll be back in four weeks and we’ll discuss where people are after that. We’re not thinking further than that at the moment. I’ve told them I would like this to be a place where we can bring in more people.”

Mr O’Brien, who also met residents at the centre, added: “I’ve asked them to bring down the barrier – that’s the main reason I came down here today.”

“I don’t feel like doing something is acceptable — I understand why they’re doing it. I don’t agree with that and that’s why I’m here to hopefully get them to remove that barrier.”

reasonable assurances

Earlier, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said he hoped that answering questions from local residents in Co Clare who were protesting, and giving them “reasonable assurances”, would “allow the blockade to be lifted”.

“I don’t think anybody wants to say anything at the moment that could escalate the situation in Claire,” Taoiseach said.

The blockade must end, it is not right for anyone to block a public road or block access to someone’s residence.

But we also don’t want to ignore the concerns that communities have, and sometimes communities have real concerns. And that’s why we’re going to make sure there’s information, there’s communication, but also make it very clear that no one has the right to object to other people coming into your community, no matter who they are.”

He said more engagement with local residents in Cu Claire is planned.

“I don’t want to get into the details of that at the moment, but there will be more engagement with the local community there,” he told reporters in Dublin.

“I think it’s important that people’s concerns are heard, that they’re given information, that communication takes place, but it’s also important to be clear that as a government, no community, no one, has a veto over who should or shouldn’t live in your area nor We can allow that.”

Meanwhile, Justice Minister Simon Harris and Mr O’Gorman met Thursday night with Garda representatives including Police Commissioner Drew Harris.


Varadkar hopes to give assurances to the people of Clare through…

The ministers thanked the An Garda Síochána for their work in controlling a number of incidents in recent weeks, and assured the Commissioner of the Government’s continued support for their work.

The Ministers and the Commissioner agreed that finding accommodation for currently unoccupied IP applicants was a priority for the safety of the individuals concerned.

The ongoing communication between An Garda Síochána and the Government regarding the provision of accommodation was discussed and the Ministers and the Commissioner recommitted themselves to the further development of this topic, including at the local level.

Mr Harris said a number of investigations were underway into the recent incidents and that those investigations were live and effective.